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Secure Reference Override Alerts

After installing the scom agent on a Red Hat 5.3  server and importing the management packs I started getting a bunch of  Secure Reference Override Alerts in my ops manager console.

The Health Service on computer failed to resolve Secure Reference override. This issue may affect multiple instances. Additional details: Account for RunAs profile in workflow “Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.5.Process.Klog.Restart”, running for instance “Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.3 (Tikanga)” with id:”{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}” is not defined. Workflow will not be loaded. Please associate an account with the profile. Management group “MG”

So how do we fix these problems?  After searching for a solution I came across Marius Sutara’s Secure Reference Helper tool.

I downloaded the 64-bit version of the program but when I tried to install it, the installation failed.



I tried it on another RMS server and it failed there too.  So we can’t even use the tool because the installer doesn’t work.  Not so fast.

Lets extract the files from the MSI and see what it does.

msiexec /a “c:\temp\SecureReferenceSetup.x64.msi” /qb TARGETDIR=”c:\securefiles”


Here are the files from the MSI.

Microsoft.SystemCenter.Community.SecureReferenceHelper.xml This file just creates the task in the actions pane.  (Not all that useful to me)
SecureReference.exeThis is the meat of the application.  You can run this program standalone as long as you have the .net 3.5 framework installed.
SecureReference.SetupAction.exe –  This is the installer that was failing.
So lets see what this puppy does.

I launch the SecureReference.exe app and get a login screen.  If you have admin access to the RMS you can just type in the RMS server name in the box.


I uncheck perform removal of duplicate alerts automatically.

Using the tool and I can plainly see that the problem is with the Unix Privileged Account.  I set the Unix Privileged Account to my Unix Action Account and my problem is solved.


**Update** some people were still having problems extracting the files so I posted the executable for the application on my blog.

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