Securing the Alert Update Connector Pro Website

As a security best practice you should limit who can access the SCOM Alert Update Connector tool.


  1. Log into the Management Server where the SCOM Alert Update Connector Pro is installed. Browse out to C:\Program Files\SCOM Alert Update Connector Pro
  2. Run SecureAUC.exe
  3. On the User Access Control dialog pick Yes
  4. Type in the domain users and domain groups you want to have access to the tool. Make sure you grant yourself access as well. For multiple users and groups, use a comma to separate them.
  5. Click OK
  6. You should get a pop-up dialog telling you that the users and groups have been successfully granted access.
  7. The website is now secure, and users will be authenticated before they are allowed access to the site..

Another benefit is you will now see a new field called User Name. This tracks whoever created the workflow. If a workflow is modified it will list who was the last person to modify it, as shown below

If you have any issues you please contact

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