We believe that core to any monitoring system is the ability to send out accurate alerts. SCOM sends out many valuable alerts but will flood e-mail boxes and paging systems during maintenance windows.  We set out to build a maintenance mode scheduler that anyone can quickly and easily use to prevent these floods of useless information.


  • Easily access the new web based maintenance mode scheduler from any browser.
  • End users will thank you at how easy it is to pick a computer, group, object, and even a subscription with a start time and end time. The app calculates the minutes for them and schedules a future maintenance window.
  • The manage tab will make it easy to see and manage any upcoming maintenance windows and identify any gaps.
  • The new integrated dashboards make it feel like the scheduling maintenance mode was always there.

For SCOM 2012: Download

For SCOM 2016: Download

HTML5bWeb Interface




Dashboards Integrated Into The SCOM Console


Customer Feedback

“Its exactly what I need especially to provide admins not familiar with scom (and even those that are!) a quick and easy method of applying maintenance mode.”

“Great work I must say. This is by far the best MM tool for SCOM ever.”

“Thank you for the help and the great product.”

“PS. Great tool !”

“SCOM 2012 & Maintenance Mode: Finally Fixed!”

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For SCOM 2012: Download

For SCOM 2016: Download