Monitoring a Hot Tub or Pool with Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics Part 4 – Alerting

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In part 4 we are going to create e-mail alerts to tell us when the water has breached our desired thresholds for water quality.

We are going to setup rules to alert us when

PH is below 7.2 or PH is greater then 7.8More Information

ORP (Chlorine/Bromine Level) is below 650 or is greater than 750. More Information

Temperature is between 95 and 106 (This is for a HotTub)

Open up Monitor, Logs. Type in the following query

| where todouble(PHValue_s) < 7.2 or todouble(PHValue_s) > 7.8
| where TimeGenerated >= ago(60m)

Set the Threshold value to 1 and the Period in minutes to 60. As you can see it won’t create any alerts right now as my current reading for the past 60 minutes has been around 7.6 which is within the range I want to be in.

Click Done, Under Actions select Add Action groups

Click Create action group. Set Resource Group, Action group name and display name.

Set you notifications

Click Review + create and then Create

Set the following and click Create alert rule.

Repeat the process for ORP. (No need to create another action group. Reuse the existing one)

Here is the query.

| where todouble(ORPValue_s) < 650 or todouble(ORPValue_s) > 750
| where TimeGenerated >= ago(60m)

Repeat the Process for Temperature. Here is the query.

| where todouble(TempValue_s) < 95 or todouble(TempValue_s) > 106
| where TimeGenerated >= ago(60m)

Here are all my Alert Rules Setup

Now for some final tips and tricks

Monitoring a Hot Tub or Pool with Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics Part 5 – Tip and Tricks

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