SCOM Alert Update Connector Pro

SCOM Alert Update Connector Pro is the ultimate solution that will solve all of your alerting and ticketing problems.

Avoid all of the alert noise and save time by creating personalized alerts for each team. Easily choose which alerts should be ticketed from our fast web interface. Enhance the alerts with team specific data to inform the ticketing system how to handle the alert.

With an easy to use interface, SCOM will quickly become the essential monitoring and alerting tool for your company.


SCOM Alert Update Connector Pro Solves for:

  • Hundreds of alerts sitting in a new state
  • Important alerts being missed because your organization won’t tune out the noise
  • Complex rules in your ticketing system that need constant updating


Quickly create your workflow


Here is an example of a few workflows:


Alerts matching the criteria will be updated with the custom information you have specified.


Your downstream ticketing system, alert management system, or e-mail system can subscribe to the alerts with the SendToConnector resolution state. Now you are only sending alerts that are important to each team. Our custom fields feature allows you to send alerts to the proper ticketing queues.

SCOM Alert Flow Diagram with Alert Update Connector Pro

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4 Responses to SCOM Alert Update Connector Pro

  1. Julian C. November 3, 2022 at 8:19 am #

    My Data Access Service account is a Group Managed Service Account (GMSA), will the account work since I have to use it for installation? My organization does not want to create a new AD account.

    Thank you in advanced

    • admin November 3, 2022 at 10:01 am #

      You can use Group Managed Service Accounts if you want to. During install you can just use your SCOM admin account for the configuration screen. Then after install you will need to change the accout in two places.

      In IIS change the App Pool called AlertUpdateAppPool from your user account to the gMSA
      AppPool Image

      Then under Services, change the “Alert Update Connector Pro” service account to your gMSA.
      Service Image

      Let us know if you hae any issues.


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