OpsMgr 2007 MOM 2005 Backward Compatibility MP Update

Updated MOM 2005 Backwards Compatibility MP (6.0.5000.1) and System Center Internal Library MP (6.0.5000.1).

Update to address fixes and enhancements:

– New Backward Compatibility Threshold monitoring type using in Converted MOM 2005 MPs which exposes Threshold values as overrides.

– Fixes to the Backward Compatibility Cluster discovery to address problem with converted MPs that monitor clustered ApplicationsInstallation: After unpacking of the MSI files import the following MP files:Folder (default): %ProgramFiles%\System Center Management Packs- System.Mom.BackwardCompatibility.Library.mp

– Microsoft.SystemCenter.Internal.mp The MP will replace the existing version of the files


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How to Monitor a logfile with Ops Mgr 2007

1.) In the console, under Authoring, Management Pack Objects, Rules, create a new rule

2.) Choose to create a Alert Generating Rules/Event Based/Generic Text Log (Alert), click next

3.) Input a rule name and choose rule target, click next

4.) Input a directory, for example C:\, input a pattern, for example logfile.log, click next

5.) Input the following expression,
Parameter Name = Params/Param[1]
Operator = Matches wildcard
Value = warning
click next

6.) Configure a suitable alert and then click create

Please note that this rule is case sensitive, so it will make difference between WARNING and warning.

As addressed by by Anders Bengtsson http://contoso.se/blog/?p=174

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Windows Base Operating System Management Pack for MOM 2005

Microsoft has re-released it’s Windows Base Operating System Management Pack for MOM 2005. The new Pack includes updates for additional components available within the Microsoft Windows Server2003 R2 operating system including Identity Management for UNIX(IDMU),Hardware Management events,NTFS file system monitoring, File ServerResource Monitoring (FSRM), Shadow Copies for Shared Folders (SCSF)Monitoring.


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Welcome All

I am posting my first blog. All I am on the map. There is so much going on inside my head regarding this product I have to get it out

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