How to Monitor a logfile with Ops Mgr 2007

1.) In the console, under Authoring, Management Pack Objects, Rules, create a new rule

2.) Choose to create a Alert Generating Rules/Event Based/Generic Text Log (Alert), click next

3.) Input a rule name and choose rule target, click next

4.) Input a directory, for example C:\, input a pattern, for example logfile.log, click next

5.) Input the following expression,
Parameter Name = Params/Param[1]
Operator = Matches wildcard
Value = warning
click next

6.) Configure a suitable alert and then click create

Please note that this rule is case sensitive, so it will make difference between WARNING and warning.

As addressed by by Anders Bengtsson

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  1. c4l January 25, 2008 at 5:30 pm #

    I read your statement but I am still not clear on how I would monitor a log file when a certain event happens.

    I have a log file that will input sql or sql statements in the log when a certain event happens. How can I monitor that log when sql is placed in the log? Thanks

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