Collection of SCOM Reports

Server Overview Report – Key server metrics such as Processor Count, Physical Memory, CPU Utilization, Availability and Logical Disk Space.

Logical Disk Fragmentation Report – Fragmentation of each logical disk based on the Logical Disk Fragmentation Monitor in the Windows Server Operating System Management Pack

Outages and Maintenance Report – Show all the outages, and maintenance, for objects in specific groups.

Custom Report Authoring for Beginners – Guide on how to create your own reports

MMS Samples ReportForecast report to forecast any collected counter.  (IE. When will my file server run out of disk space).

Exchange 2007 Mailbox Count report – Report to list number of mailboxes on each of your Exchange 2007 mailbox servers.

Sample Queries and Reports from my MMS Session – Jimmy Harper’s excellent reports he demoed at MMS.


The OperationsManagerDW Schema




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