MP2XMLPRO Management Pack Conversion Tool

MP2XMLPRO is a GUI based tool I created to export MP files to XML.


Subscription Tool

Subscription Tool is a simple GUI based tool that lets you enable and disable all notification subscriptions. This tool is useful if you need to do some major maintenance such as patches, upgrading hardware, redoing AD integration roles, or fixing a major problem.


Subscription Copier

Subscriptions copier is a simple tool for copying subscriptions and helping with alert escalation. I created this tool after multiple customers have asked me why they couldn’t copy an existing subscription.


MPViewer 2.3

MPViewer 2.3 is an excellent tool used for exporting SCOM Management Packs to readable Excel and Html files. This tool was recently updated by Daniele Muscetta of the SCOM Product Team.


SCOMR2 Authoring Resource Kit

Download: SCOMR2AuthoringResourceKit64.exe


Visio MP Designer



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