Capacity planning with SCOM 2012 and the Veeam MP

Mike Resseler, has put together an excellent white paper on how to do Virtualization capacity management with the Veeam MP and SCOM 2012.

Download Here: Link

Veeam 6.5 MP: Link

Here are some of the highlights

Solving key challenges

With Veeam MP, you will be able to solve some key challenges, including:

  • No VMware visibility in your monitoring environment and lack of detailed
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Missed or difficult-to-maintain SLAs for problem solving
  • Faster root cause analysis
  • Datacenter inefficiencies
  • Resource optimization
  • Streamlining your monitoring processes over different technologies
  • Fire fighting
  • Reporting and analysis

Capacity planning

Version 6 of Veeam Management Pack adds a huge amount of capacity
planning for VMware out-of-the box. These capabilities are built around
three concepts:

  • Capacity reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Dashboards

Capacity reporting

Capacity reporting is what most people know and do when they talk about
capacity reporting; namely, the current capacity on your hosts, how many
resources you are using today and the prediction for the near future.
Many new and enhanced reports are built into Veeam MP and will provide
you with the detailed information needed to do capacity planning. These
reports use the “what-if” modeling concept so you can safely manage the
growth of your infrastructure.




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