If you delete one of your management servers that have SNMP devices reporting to it, the SNMP network devices will become orphaned in the database.

I recently discovered a bug where if you delete one of your management servers that have SNMP network devices reporting to it, the network devices will be orphaned in the database.

We had to remove one of our management servers due to hardware issues. Before we could remove the management server we had to move all computers reporting to it to another management server. The console will not let you remove the management sever until all computers are moved off it.

The problem lies in the fact that Ops Mgr will let you remove a management server that has SNMP network devices still reporting to it.

After the Management server is deleted the devices will no longer show up in the Administration console. You will also not be able to re-discover them as they already exist in the DB.

The only way to fix the problem is to restore the database or some custom magic from MS Professional Support Services.

Microsoft was able to repo this same situation in their labs and confirmed it’s a bug that will be addressed in future versions. Big thanks to Nicholas Dodge from Microsoft PSS for seeing this case through.

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