NEW MP for cluster services (MSCS) monitoring was released!

UPDATE: NEW MP for cluster services (MSCS) monitoring was released!

What is included with this release:
· Bug fixes monitoring of cluster resource group and cluster resource when name contains special character.
· Bug fixes for proper recognition of partially online cluster resource group.
· Bug fixes for noisy level of disk resource monitoring.
· Bug fixes for proper account usage with all discovery workflows (Cluster profile which needs to be populated when default action account doesn’t hold enough privileges to monitor cluster.)
· Preparation for Windows 2008 Failover Cluster management pack (type space and base functionality is shared between Win2k3 and Win2k8 cluster infra monitoring)
· Additional work including some further minor changes …

Following management pack files are available with this release: (6.0.6277.1) (6.0.6277.1) (6.0.6277.1) (6.0.6277.1)

Similarly to previous version, please follow these steps before importing management packs to meet requirements:

If you have installed, remove any and all versions of following management pack files prior to importing version included with this release:
· Microsoft.Windows.2003.Cluster.Management.Monitoring
· Microsoft.Windows.2003.Cluster.Management.Library
· Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Management.Monitoring
· Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Management.Library

NOTE: unfortunately with upcoming release of Windows 2008 Failover Cluster Management Packs, breaking change had to be introduced with Cluster Views and minor change in discovery, where such regrettably prohibits importing new version over any prior imported management packs.

Following are steps required to delete said management packs:
1. Navigate to the Administration Space.
2. Select Management Packs.
3. Select Windows 2003 Cluster Management Monitoring, right-click and select Delete, click Yes.
4. Select Windows 2003 Cluster Management Library, right-click and select Delete, click Yes.
5. Select Windows Cluster Management Monitoring, right-click and select Delete, click Yes.
6. Select Windows Cluster Management Library, right-click and select Delete, click Yes.

Before you import the Windows Server 2003 Cluster Management Pack, please do following actions too:

· Import the Windows Server 2003 Base Operating System Management Pack.

· Enable the Agent Proxy on all agents which are installed on servers that are members of a cluster if it was not enabled already.

Based on OpsMgr 2007 SKU, this is quick reminder about dependencies:

· OpsMgr 2007 RTM (version 06.0.5000.0000):QFE needs to be applied and Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Library management pack needs to be imported immediately after binaries on cluster nodes changed. This is required due to dependency on cluster user profile in the case action account has no access to cluster administration and profile needs to be manually populated to allow monitoring of MSCS as well as hot fix required for WMI event provider used with cluster infrastructure monitoring. (QFE is also included with released package)

· OpsMgr 2007 SP1 RC (version 06.0.6246.0000):No special requirements for runtime are required. But it is required to import Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Library from QFE (again, it is also attached to web released package). This makes sure you can simply follow steps to download files and successfully import management packs.

· OpsMgr 2007 SP1 RTM (version 06.0.6278.0000):No special requirements are to be met. All referenced management packs are at their latest version. Simply follow steps to download management pack files and import all except Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Library.

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