If you have ever worked with SNMP devices inside SCOM you probably have noticed that when you discover a SNMP network device and it goes down no alert is created.  The SNMP device will show up in the monitoring console as down but no alert goes out.  The reason for this is that when the SCOM team created the “Device Status Check monitor” they either forgot or intentionally left the alert disabled.

So how do we enable the alert?  You can easily override the alert, but the problem is the alert you get will only include the IP address and not the DNS Name.  In a small environment this is fine but in a larger environment the DNS names are a must.  There is no way to override the description so working with Marius Sutara from Microsoft he was able to create a unsealed management pack that disables the built in monitor and then duplicates the exact functionality of the “Device Status Check monitor” .


You can download the unsealed managment pack here.


Also worth checking out is the entire post on how he created the management pack.


Big thanks to Marius for this.



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