Feature Summary

  • VS Projects for Monitoring MPs, System Center 2012 and later MPs including Operations Manager and Service Manager.
  • MP Item Templates for quick creation of MP Items.
    • XML MP Item Templates (generates MP XML for editing).
    • Template Group Item Templates (Abstract your intent from MP XML).
    • Snippet Templates (generates MP XML from CSV)
  • IntelliSense for MP XML for the following versions:
    • System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2
    • System Center Operations Manager 2012 and later
    • System Center Service Manager 2012 and later
  • Integrates into Visual Studio Project System with *.mpproj.
    • Enables building within VS & MSBuild.
    • Supports custom build tasks (simply edit *.mpproj or *.sln)
    • Build multiple MPs (multiple *.mpproj) in a solution.
    • Integrates into any VS supported Source Control systems.
  • MP Navigation Features
    • Management Pack Browser for browsing MP Items.
    • Go to Definition
    • Find All References
  • ResKit Tools integrated
    • Workflow Simulator
    • Generate Visio Diagram
    • MP Best Practice Analyzer
    • MP Spell Checker
    • MP Cookdown Analyzer



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  2. Any idea when VSAE will be available for Visual Studio 2015? With it being released soon, this is one of the hold ups that will inhibit my transition.

    • I haven’t heard. Did you test the current version with 2015? The current version was actually built for 2012 but worked fined with 2013.

  3. The installer was modified to install with 2013. I tried to install, but it checked for the Visual Studio version, sees that it is not applicable and refuses to install.

    The download page actually states: The System Center 2012 Visual Studio Authoring Extensions—VSAE—is an add-in for Visual Studio 2012/2013 Professional and Ultimate which provides Lifecycle Management Tools to support Management Pack Authoring.

    I am currently running 2015 on my test machine for Windows 10 and it does not currently have 2013 on it. It may be possible to install 2013 and 2015 on it and it may apply to both or give access to the VSIX so that you could modify it to work with 2015, but that would be a hack.

    I am hoping that they will modify the “official” installer so that it will be compatible with 2015. My “guess” is that it is just a matter of modifying the MSI and VSIX, but only Microsoft knows for sure.

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