VMware Workstation 6.5 for Windows Released

I just noticed this today that Vmware Workstation 6.5 was released on Tuesday this week. 

My Vista Media Center is running 24 x 7 recording HD and SD TV shows.  The core 2 duo procs sit at pretty low utilization so earlier this year I installed Vmware Workstation as well as put an extra 2 gigs of RAM and a second SATA drive in the desktop.  This makes for a great SCOM test environment without slowing down my laptop or having a dedicated server.


Some of the more notable new feature in Workstation 6.5 are

Unity mode — Integrate your favorite guest applications with your host. Open the application window, enter Unity mode, and the Workstation window is automatically minimized. The guest application windows look just like host application windows, but with color-coded borders.

More powerful record/replay of VM execution activity — Easily enable this powerful debugging tool, which records full system behavior, including all CPU and device activity. You can now insert markers while creating or playing back a recording and quickly navigate to these markers during replay. You can also browse a recording to replay from any spot.

Folder sharing and dragging, dropping, copying, and pasting text and files — Transferring files between virtual machines or between host and guests using these features is up to 25 percent faster.

Networking performance using NAT — You will see significant improvements in networking performance if a virtual machine is configured to use NAT. Performance is ten times better than in the previous release in some cases.

I/O performance — A new asynchronous I/O manager boosts performance on Windows hosts under heavy I/O loads.


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