Watchanator 2.0 Heartbeat Alert Tool

The Watchanator is a tool that was developed to populate your dynamic computer groups in System Center Operations Manager 2007 with the associated Health Service (Agent) watchers.

The reason you would want to populate your groups with the Health Service (Agent) watchers is to receive heartbeat (up/down) alerts for your servers.

Setup of the Watchanator.

  • Import the All Watcher Management Pack “All” .


  • Any groups that you want the Watchanator to populate. Rename them to start with and underscore. For example if I wanted the Watchanator to populate the “Tim Servers” group I would rename the group to be called “_Tim Servers” (The Watchanator will only populate servers that start with an underscore)


  • Explicitly include one Health Service (Agent) watcher in the group. To do this Open the group you want to populate and choose the tab Explicit Members. Click Add/Remove Objects. Leave the Search for on Entity. In Filter by part of name: type the server name of one of the servers in your dynamic group. Click on the watcher for that server and click add. The watcher is the one that looks like eyeglasses.


  • Run the Watchanator. The Watchanator will now populate all groups that start with and underscore; with the health watchers for that particular group. *The Watchanator must be run on the RMS Server.
  • Run the Watchanator on a scheduled task on the RMS server daily. Now any changes that happen to groups that start with and underscore; watchers for those groups will be automatically updated.

Watchenator Download Link

2 Responses to Watchanator 2.0 Heartbeat Alert Tool

  1. Pixi - Netz November 21, 2007 at 5:54 am #

    cool program..
    do you know if its possible to dynamicly add them? maybe make a custom class based on the agent watcher, add some system property and discover by that into groups?


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