Are you sick and tired of explaining to end users why they didn’t get a disk space alert? The built in SCOM disk space monitors are way too complicated. There are thresholds for warning, critical, system drive, and non-system drive.  Then […]
First let me say this isn’t supported. But then again Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported anyways. Even if you have a Custom Support agreement, that just gives you the latest security hotfixes. Not support to monitor it with […]
Custom with a large environment (7000+) agents was having issues with the SQL Dashboards not populating.  We checked the event log and came across this error.   Log Name: Operations Manager Source: OpsMgr SDK Service Event ID: 26319 Task Category: […]
The SCOM 2016 Maintenance Mode Scheduler application makes enabling and scheduling maintenance mode simple for all users. Your IT staff will no longer have a reason why a server wasn’t put into maintenance mode. The application is an intuitive HTML5 […]
There is a bug in SCOM 2016 where if you choose a different Operations Manager Database Name during install, schedule maintenance mode won’t work! The Jobs will run but nothing is put into Maintenance Mode. You won’t get an error […]
SCOM 2016 UR2 has been released to the Update Catalog Link: KB article
When writing my SCOM Agent Update MP  I needed a way to get the SCOM Agent version from the file system.  There is one file that gets updated in every Update Rollup.  OMAgentTraceTMFVer.Dll that is located where in the \Tools\TMF […]
A customer was building a SCCM package to update SCOM Agents.  They needed the command lines to install and uninstall UR11. Patch Install command msiexec.exe /p "C:\temp\KB3183990-AMD64-Agent.msp" /qn Patch Uninstall Command msiexec /I {786970C5-E6F6-4A41-B238-AE25D4B91EEA} MSIPATCHREMOVE={1BEA7876-9751-4F7D-B0F3-AA920CF39FE8} /qn The tricky part was getting […]
I have seen many SCOM environments where it takes multiple teams to update a single SCOM Agent to the latest Update Rollup.   Often it takes months or even years to update all Agents to the latest Update Rollup.  I […]
One of the more confusing screens in SCOM is the Automatic Alert Resolution settings screen. The text is very vague as to what is does.  Kevin Holman recently updated his blog post to clearly identify what they mean. You can read […]