If you are getting this error. You can fix it by installing Operations Manager 2007 Data Warehouse Library Management Pack 6.0.5000.26


After installing that you might get this new error. Performance data collection process unable to store data in the Data Warehouse in a timely manner.

You can fix this error by referencing.




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  1. I am installing SCOM 2007 from scratch on a single server deployment for a proof of concept.

    Then I installed a new Management Server on the same management group, on a differente machine and start receiving this error.

    What seemed strange is that during the installation you input the Action Account and SDK account and the error mentions unable to write for the Write Action Account which I didnt have to input during setup.

    I’ve just downloaded the patch you mentioned and will test it. Also I tried to use the SP1 RC available from connect.

    If you have any additional help please email me. Tks a lot.

    Luis Albero (luis_albero@terra.com.br)

    ps: and thanks for the info !

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