Are you getting this error from your Data Warehouse?

I immediately started getting these alerts after I upgraded my Data Warehouse Library Management Pack to version 6.0.5000.26 from this knowledge base article I believe the issues exists in SP1 RC1 as well.

The problem is caused by a few hardware MPs, primarily HP and Dell that populate the Data Warehouse with “last discovered on” date as a property, basically, making an object different every time they happen to run the discovery and not only when object really changed.

This has been fixed in SP1 (RTM not in RC0) with some scripts that I am posting. Theses scripts came from Microsoft and were installed by a number of other customers with no issues, however I cannot claim that they are fully tested. They will not prevent upgrade to SP1.

The scripts create indexes in the Data Warehouse. I verified them with one our DBA’s and he said they were safe to run. As soon as I ran the scripts the alerts stopped immediately



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  1. Hi Timothy,

    Just after a run the SP1, the errors disappeared so I didnt test the download you mentioned.

    But if the error shows up again I know where to look for good info !


    Luis Albero

  2. I am running Ops Manager SP1 RC1 and the Data Warehouse mgt pack installed is versin 6.0.6246.0 I am confused as to latest version I should be runing since 6.0.5000.28 is counter intuitive to the version scheme. Please let me know which I should be running to clear this up. Thanks.

  3. Hello,
    I am currently running SP1 RC1 and the MP version of the DW MP is 6.0.6246.0, I am confused as to which version is the latest, 6.0.5000.28 or the one I am running. Please help. Thanks.

  4. I had this error on my DW/Report Server in my SCOM 2007 SP1 environment. Just ran both scripts on my DW SQL Server and my errors went away! Thank you for posting this! I have been searching for a fix for months!

  5. Still have this error. OpsMgr SP1 RTM. MP version 6.0.6246.0
    Ran both scripts on SQL/Rptg srvr. Recalculate health, it resolves the alert, then produces new one seconds later.

  6. I have see this on a servers with Database performance issues as well. Do you have other applications using this database server? Is you memory, cpu, or disk queues high?

  7. Anybody have an update on this? I’m having this problem now. DW MP is already 6.0.6278

    These are the alerts in succession:
    – Performance data collection process unable to store data in the Data Warehouse in a timely manner
    – Entity Health State data collection process unable to store data in the Data Warehouse in a timely manner
    – The root management server (HealthService) is running but has reported limited functionality soon after 2/17/2009 12:56:40 PM. The specific reason code is 49 and description is ” The health manager has detected that entity state collection has stalled. “.

  8. Running this scripts seems to solved my problem.
    Also a possible cause for this alert:
    Does the clock on both Datawarehouse-server and the management server shows the same time. Be sure there’s not a gap in time between these servers!

  9. Hi lanZ, I have the same MP that you (6.0.6278.0), and I receive the same alerts. If I run this scripts, this problem will be solved?

  10. I am running SCOM R2, and started getting the same alerts more and more from a month ago,
    Is anyone experiencing the same with SCOM R2? and what is your solution if you fixed?
    Thank you,


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