How to set Agent proxy enabled for all agents in SCOM 2012


Here is an updated PowerShell script that can be used to set agent proxy in SCOM 2012.


param ($MSSvr)
Import-Module -Name "OperationsManager"
New-SCManagementGroupConnection -ComputerName:$MSSvr;

## set proxy enabled for all agents where it is disabled
$NoProxy = get-SCOMagent | where {$_.ProxyingEnabled -match "False"}
$NoProxy|foreach {$_.ProxyingEnabled=$true}
$NoProxy|foreach {$_.ApplyChanges()}


Download: setproxyenabled12.txt

To run from a PowerShell Command Prompt you need to supply parameter MSSvr


It would look something like this.  

.\setproxyenabled12.ps1 -MSSvr ""



Kevin Homan has an excellent post from SCOM 2007 on why you would want to do this.

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