MP2XMLPRO is a GUI based tool I created to export MP files to XML.

Currently you can do this with Boris’s PowerShell script or the MPDumper tool.  I only need to convert management packs once in a while and I often find myself wasting time trying to remember the correct syntax for these tools.  This new GUI based tool makes it simple.


Download: Link




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  1. I will use that 🙂

    If I had > “hello world” developer skills… I’d try and rewrite the SCOM VistaGadget 😉

  2. This is indeed a very handy tool to have. Thanks for taking the time to develop and make available to others!

  3. I love this tool, but can you add option to save it as .xls (excel spreadsheet) or both. I provide customers with tuning requirments, which we provide to customers for options.

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