The Operations Manager Management Pack has been updated to version 6.1.7695.0


Changes in This Update

Version 6.1.7695.0 of the Operations Manager Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 R2 includes the following changes:

  • Added the “Agents by Health State” report which will list all agents, management servers, gateway servers and the root management server grouped by their current health state (i.e. unavailable, error, warning or success)
  • Added the “An alert subscription has been automatically disabled due to invalid configuration” rule to generate an alert when an alert subscription is disabled due to invalid configuration, such as when the account that created the subscription being deleted.
  • Added the “WMI Service Availability” aggregate monitor and the “Windows Management Instrumentation Service” unit monitor to monitor the state of the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service (winmgmt) on agents. By default, the unit monitor samples the WMI service every 125 seconds and generates an alert when the WMI service is not running for 3 consecutive samples. These settings can be changed by using overrides.
  • Added rules to that can be enabled in place of monitors that require manual reset of the health state.
  • Updated product knowledge for some workflows.
  • Changed the "Computer Verification: Verification Error" event collection rule to be disabled by default. The alert from this rule would only be generated when running the discovery wizard, when the user would directly observe that one or more computer verifications failed. The alert is an unnecessary duplication.
  • Change the “Collect Configuration Parse Error Events” rule to be disabled by default.
  • Changed the parameter used for alert suppression for the following rules:
  • Alert generation was temporarily suspended due to too many alerts
  • Workflow Runtime: Failed to access a Windows event log
  • Workflow Initialization: Failed to initialize access to an event log
  • An error occurred during computer verification from the discovery wizard
  • A generic error occurred during computer verification from the discovery wizard
  • Removed alerting from the “Data Integrity” aggregate monitor and added alerting to its unit monitors:
  • Repeated Event Raised
  • Spoofed Data Check
  • Root Connector Data Validity Check


Kevin Holman has a nice write-up explaining the changes here.


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