SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler

We believe that core to any monitoring system is the ability to send out accurate alerts. SCOM sends out many valuable alerts but will flood e-mail boxes and paging systems during maintenance windows.  We set out to build a maintenance mode scheduler that anyone can quickly and easily use to prevent these floods of useless information.


  • Easily access the new web based maintenance mode scheduler from any browser.
  • End users will thank you at how easy it is to pick a computer, group, object, and even a subscription with a start time and end time. The app calculates the minutes for them and schedules a future maintenance window.
  • The manage tab will make it easy to see and manage any upcoming maintenance windows and identify any gaps.
  • The new integrated dashboards make it feel like the scheduling maintenance mode was always there.
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Schedule a group of Computers, Databases, or any objects in the group into maintenance Mode.

One Click Maintenance Mode

Another great feature is the ability to do one click maintenance mode from any server.  This means is you can place the same shortcut on the desktop of your all your servers.  With one click, the IT administrator can put the server into maintenance mode.


After the shortcut is clicked, the web page automatically detects what server you are on and puts the server into Maintenance Mode with no interaction.


Dashboards Integrated Into The SCOM Console




Most organizations only use the alerts from SCOM.  Now you can schedule your complex subscriptions into maintenance mode.  You can choose to send the alerts that where queued up or discard them.


Manage any upcoming maintenance windows and identify any gaps



Windows 8 App

The Windows 8 app can be download from the Windows App Store.  It uses the existing the same infrastructure and web service as the Web based version.

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Any problems, bugs, or issues please e-mail:


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Automatic Alert Resolution in SCOM

One of the more confusing screens in SCOM is the Automatic Alert Resolution settings screen.

The text is very vague as to what is does.  Kevin Holman recently updated his blog post to clearly identify what they mean.

You can read the excellent full post here.

To sum it up:

Resolve all active Alerts in the new resolution state after: =   “Resolve ALL alerts no matter what source (rule or monitor), as long as they haven’t been last modified within “30” days. (where 30 days is the default value)”

Resolve all active alerts when the alert source is healthy after:“Resolve all MONITOR based alerts where the targeted object has returned to a healthy state, and hasn’t been last modified within “7” days. (where 7 days is the default value)”







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How to Delete SCOM 2012 R2 Managed Computers using PowerShell



Download Script: Link




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How I re-build my laptop in minutes vs hours using PowerShell and Chocolatey

I re-build my laptop about every 3 to 4 months.  The old way was to Install Windows 10, then eventually install software I had missing as I needed it. I wasted lots of time searching for, downloading and installing the many different apps I use daily.


The New Way with PowerShell and Chocolatey

    1. Install Windows 10
    2. Open up PowerShell as an administrator
    3. Set my PowerShell Execution Policy to Remote Signed

    1. Install Chocolatey from an elevated command prompt



  1. Run my PowerShell Script to install the software I want




For more packages see the Chocolatey Gallery


I also install the SCOM console from my file server using PowerShell


Download my script: Link

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SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler Version 8

New Features in Version 8

  • STOP Maintenance Early – Now if you have a maintenance window that is completed early.  You can stop the job early by going to the manage page and clicking the Stop Maintenance Mode button.
  • NETBIOS Windows computers fixed – Fixed bug where windows servers that show up only with netbios names were not going into maintenance mode.
  • Improved Manage Page – Manage page now is simplified with less buttons.
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Scheduling Clusters into Maintenance Mode

How so Schedule Clusters for Maintenance Mode

Go to the Class Page

Under Class type in Windows Cluster

Windows Cluster


Select the cluster you want to schedule for Maintenance Mode.  In this case I select clus1



Set your Start Time, End Time and Recurrence etc..

Click the Schedule Button

Verify the entire cluster went into maintenance mode.


Windows Computers Node1 and Node2





Cluster Service State


Cluster State


Cluster Node State


Resource Group State


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